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007—The GRID Part 3 of 4 w/special guests Dr. Crystal & Paul (Develop a Plan)

October 23, 2020 Stephanie Huffman Season 1 Episode 7
Better Brew Podcast
007—The GRID Part 3 of 4 w/special guests Dr. Crystal & Paul (Develop a Plan)
Show Notes

Topic Intro
This episode is a continuation of Episode 6 and features a Millennial power couple appears to those around them to truly be living the dream. They talk about how they got there and how they plan to stay!

Guest Info
Dr. Crystal and Paul run a successful health and wellness practice in two states and in their spare time farm organically. Paul will share about waking up paralyzed on a high school football field and Dr. Crystal will share her dramatic story as well. They’ll talk about their Hallmark movie style courtship, raising ducks, chickens and more!

What to expect for this episode
In this episode, Stephanie Huffman invites Dr. Crystal and Paul to share how it is like to run a business with your spouse/partner, and their advice to help you get to where you want.

Topics Covered:
Intro [00:00]
The couple’s business amid Covid-19 [02:11]
How is it like to run a business with your spouse/partner  [03:01]
The Couple Balancing Different Avenues of the Lives [06:06]
Dr. Crystal’s Story as Chiropractor [08:17]
The couple as raising ducks, chickens and more [15:06]
Business owner couple as learners [11:22]
Better Blend Tip [15:40]
Extro [17:13]
If God is pushing us to that direction, we’ll go along —Paul
Think of the happiest moment in your life, better if you’re not in pain —Dr. Crystal
If you want to achieve something, you find an expert on that field —Stephanie
We have to dig ourselves out of the holes to get to where we are now —Paul
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