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003—Unexpected Transitions Part 3 of 4 w/special guest Linda Berry — "There"

September 19, 2020 Stephanie Huffman Season 1 Episode 3
Better Brew Podcast
003—Unexpected Transitions Part 3 of 4 w/special guest Linda Berry — "There"
Show Notes

Topic Intro
Meet someone who has truly achieved and lived the American Dream.
Guest Info
Linda Berry owns a high-end retail store that has not only survived the COVID but is thriving. A Taekwondo black belter, she attended the University of Tennessee, became a Montessori teacher, and went on to experience and enjoy the golden age of retail. Having achieved the “American Dream” she has survived the recession, 2 wars, and even the pandemic. Though having accomplished success, few knew that at home she held dear to her heart her only daughter who had been born deaf.

What to expect for this episode
In this episode, Host Stephanie Huffman invites Linda Berry, a successful retail businesswoman, to share her rags to riches story. She'll recount life as a struggling single mom with a deaf child who became someone who to others was known as "living the dream."

Topics Covered:
Linda tells the story of retail during its magical glory [03:07]
Linda on how she started [05:38]
How 9-11 hit Linda’s business [07:32]
Linda shares her dream house [11:20]
Linda looking back at how she started  [13:48]
Linda as a Mother [16:06]
Linda’s Better Blend Tip [19:38]
Extro [24:37]
If ever there’s a time to have flowers on the table, a good meal cooking in a crockpot or in an oven, eating on real China – this is it! -Linda Berry
Those past experiences are still impacting my decisions. –Linda Berry
None of us get to escape lives without losses and problems and issues. –Linda Berry


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