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002—Unexpected Transitions Part 2 of 4: "Here" and now... w/Gail Matejcic

September 07, 2020 Stephanie Huffman Season 1 Episode 2
Better Brew Podcast
002—Unexpected Transitions Part 2 of 4: "Here" and now... w/Gail Matejcic
Show Notes

Guest Info
Before taking her company from 0 to 10M in 5 years, Gail Matejcic, started selling AVON at the age of 10 and delivered pizza via boat as a teen. Today she juggles her 2 homes, 2 cars, 2 cats, and her 2 aging parents while navigating the uncharted waters of our times and steering her company forward as it grapples with the “New Normal” post COVID. 

What to expect for this episode
In this episode, Stephanie Huffman invites Gail to talk about paying off her first home at the age of 35, and how she's managing juggling her business, her 2 homes, her 2 cats, her 2 aging parents and then...her life.
Topics Covered:
Gail Matejcic Intro [01:22]
Gail Matejcic tells her story of how she used to deliver pizza via boat [02:40]
Gail Matejcic on how her company is coping with the pandemic [03:58]
How the pandemic created opportunities for Gail [07:15]
Gail on being a successful businesswoman at 35 [11:55]
Gail on growing her company [17:35]
A funny story about Gail and her family [18:52]
Gail on self care [21:29]
Gail’s Better Blend Tip [07:47]
“When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice – to be happy or not to be satisfied” - Gail Matejcic

“Think about three things you are grateful for” - Gail Matejcic

“Every morning make a list of your to-do’s” - Gail Matejcic


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