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005—The GRID Part 1 of 4 w/ Special Guest Lauralin Innis "Who & What is getting your time?"

October 09, 2020 Stephanie Huffman Season 1 Episode 5
Better Brew Podcast
005—The GRID Part 1 of 4 w/ Special Guest Lauralin Innis "Who & What is getting your time?"
Show Notes

Guest Info
Lauralin Innis, is a full-time graduate student working towards a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership who changed her life and followed her heart to move to a foreign country with a little help from The GRID.

In this introductory episode to The GRID, host Stephanie Huffman not only shares how The GRID came to be but interviews Lauralin,  the very first person to experience the program. The GRID, a unique Time, Energy, and Resources assessment and management tool, that inspired and focused Lauralin to begin paying off her debts, which led to taking a job in Manhattan followed by her heart’s dream of moving to Kenya. She also shares her thoughts on how success looks different to everybody. The GRID is the perfect tool for the toolbox of any busy business owner!

Topic Intro
This episode introduces the time, energy, and resources mindset tool, The GRID, and how it all began. The GRID helps you take a good look at where you are right now in order to truly understand where it is you really want to be, then helps you develop a plan on how to get there. In this episode we will focus heavily on the first two quadrants in the exercise, G for GAIN awareness and R and for REVIEW the data. You won’t want to miss this life-changing mindset, exercise that will get you pointed in the right direction and moving toward reaching those next goals while taking your life to the next level. To experience the GRID hop on over to and join host Stephanie Huffman. VIP members enjoy your free grade session and worksheets. Or, grab a copy of Stephanie’s book, when you grow up and get single at Amazon,

What to expect for this episode
In this episode, Stephanie Huffman introduces the tool she invented to make one’s time and self easier.
Topics Covered:

Intro [02:07]
Back story of Lauralin and the Grid [04:31]
The G.R.I.D  [06:47]
G.R.I.D: Gain [07:02]
G.R.I.D: Review [11:30]
G.R.I.D: Investment [13:30]
G.R.I.D: Develop [16:00]
Self Care of Lauralin [17:25]
Better Blend Tip [19:33]
Extro [20:33]
Give back – Lauralin
You’ve got to commit time to what you care about.– Stephanie
The exercise (The GRID) helps you understand where your time, energy, and resources are really going versus where they should be going —which is your heart's desires and your goals. -Stephanie

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