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001-Unexpected Transitions: Part 1 of 4 —One-on-One w/ your host Stephanie Huffman

September 05, 2020 Stephanie Huffman Season 1 Episode 1
Better Brew Podcast
001-Unexpected Transitions: Part 1 of 4 —One-on-One w/ your host Stephanie Huffman
Show Notes

Running a business, a home, and a life is not for the faint of heart. Entrepreneurs are used to wearing many hats. Unfortunately, that lifestyle can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. The Better Brew Podcast helps people who are juggling various roles find balance in their personal and professional lives. Each week, we'll meet a new guest who'll talk about running their business, home, and life and end the show with their Better Blend Tip!
In this 12-minute “welcome” episode, Huffman introduces herself to her audience along with the podcast concept and talks about the many realizations and challenges she faced during the lockdown. This month’s theme, “Here, There and Everywhere,” illustrates the pandemic’s inescapable nature and impact on us all.

In following episodes you'll meet successful business owners who share their stories, struggles and savvy tips for success!

Topics Covered: 

  • Stephanie Huffman’s Intro [00:12]
  • The Better Brew Podcast Intro [00:32]
  • The Better Brew Podcast Theme [00:56]
  • The Better Brew Podcast Theme: Here and Now Intro [01:01]
  • The Better Brew Podcast Theme: There Intro [01:34]
  • Who are you & where are you as an entreprenuer in time of pandemic? [02:29]
  • Business and Life Balance [03:15]
  • Choosing People to Spend Time With [03:51]
  • Realization during Pandemic [07:24]
  • Stephanie Huffman’s Challenging Times [07:47]
  • Stephanie Huffman’s Realization [08:17]
  • The Grid Tool [08:58]
  • Wanting to be Better [09:58]
  • Extro [10:10]
  • Recap [10:27]  

“You need someone who gets you and is drinking from the same cup.” - Stephanie Huffman

That time (COVID-19 Pandemic) was an opportunity for me to sit, stare at the wall, think,  review, and try to find myself again. - Stephanie Huffman

Maybe that’s one thing the great pandemic, and the sheltering in place gave us – time to stop, time to think, time to review and remember. -Stephanie Huffman

It gave me time to heal. - Stephanie Huffman

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